Thank You

The best judges of our creativity, craftsmanship, and commitment are the people who live in the homes we have built and the architects who have designed them. We thank them for their kind words.

``Lisa and I have appreciated your guidance and thoughtfulness throughout what turned out to be a substantial home construction project, and process. You did a wonderful job identifying superb contractors. You and your foremen were bright, articulate, and flexible yet firm in making sure that there was careful attention to detail. These attributes were shared with our architect and his associate to form a successful working relationship. Your consistent availability and honesty were, and remain, important to us.``
- Ethan L.
``The excitement of moving into a newly built home is hardly comparable to anything… except possibly the content satisfaction of living a number of years in that same home and experiencing no structural problems or faults – of any kind! Not only have we had a positive experience with you, but every single one of the sub-contractors who helped you build this house are still servicing us as we need them. We love this house, we love the design and layout, we love the workmanship and most importantly, we appreciate the solid integrity of the building which – without fault – stands up to time, wear and very active living.``
– Dr. Clive & Cynthia M.
``As you know better than anyone, this was an ambitious undertaking, with demanding clients (or so I’m told) and equally demanding architects and designers. While I certainly expected that you would be there to do a quality job, and I certainly hoped that you would stick around during the dangerous ‘punch list’ time when other contractors are notoriously disinterested, I was totally amazed, unprepared and grateful that you have been on hand for the past several years to answer our calls to fix this or that, or to consult about some related project. Thank you, thank you, thank you.``
– Joe D.
``Please know we are more than happy to recommend Sanford Custom Builders and particularly you to any prospective clients you may have. Your work ethic has attracted a very professional, neat and courteous group of knowledgeable craftsmen. When problems did arise, both during and after construction, you were always quick to respond. Issues were resolved to our satisfaction without hesitation on your part. The number of people that have commented on the beauty of our home is staggering and many say it is their favorite house in Sudbury.``
- Anthony & Jacqueline B.
``Frank and I have been enjoying our home and feel very positive about our experience with Sanford Custom Builders. The project we undertook was extremely complex and took much longer than we could have anticipated. We relied on you to help us work with the architect to achieve the result that we wanted, helping us balance the cost of the design elements that we were creating with the ultimate old-world charm that we were striving to achieve. Your company has very high standards and you delivered to us a superior home of the utmost quality.``
- Kim M.
``When we first began this project I don’t think that my wife and I truly realized the enormity of developing a home on 12-1/2 acres of virgin woods, with a highly detailed 11,000 square foot stone and shingle house, a large barn with greenhouse and a home for my in-laws. The pre-construction value engineering and budgeting was constructive and accurate. The timing, delivery and pricing was excellent. The greatest testament to you may be that even now that we have lived here for over two years, everything is true, straight and squeak free, when we call you answer immediately and any problems that arose were handled promptly, courteously, with no hassle and at no charge.``
- Fred & Cynthia M.
``It is my pleasure to recommend you and your seasoned team at Sanford Custom Builders. Your company understands the dynamics and demands of the most exacting of clients and architects to build homes that achieve everyone’s goals. The end results speak for themselves. Knowing how to be an equal partner in the team, you have helped many projects through the challenges of design, costs, and construction. I also appreciate your sensitivity to good design and when to involve the architect to make your projects better, all with our clients’ interests in mind.``
- Jan Gleysteen, AIA, NCARB Jan Gleysteen Architects Inc.
``I have worked with Marc and his team on several high-end residential projects and am extremely pleased with the results. Marc is very efficient, a good communicator and very client oriented. He respects the process and the design professionals involved and he works diligently to realize the project intent. Sanford works, on a regular basis, with the region’s best subcontractors and artisans to bring a level of finish uncommon in the industry. I look forward to my next collaboration with Sanford Custom Builders and know that our clients’ best interests will be in the capable hands of a quality general contractor.``
- John S. MacDonald, AIA Morehouse MacDonald & Associates
``You and your team have done a terrific job. This is the fifth time we have built a home or summer home, and it is definitely the best built of them all. The finish work is of uniformly high quality, and the “bones” are rock-solid. Whenever issues did arise, you were quick to resolve them to our satisfaction. For such a significant undertaking, the process with Sanford was relatively straightforward. And, despite upward cost pressure throughout the project (it is always so tempting to add nicer finishes, more trim, etc.) the construction work managed by Sanford was virtually on budget. We are happy to be a positive reference for future clients.``
– Todd and Debbie K.
``We have very much appreciated working with Marc Kaplan and his team on a new house in Newton. Sanford Custom Builders was outstanding in managing a complex project in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Their pro-active collaboration and problem solving ensured the project was completed within budget and schedule parameters. We look forward to working with Sanford on new projects in the future.``
- Marcus Gleysteen, AIA Gleysteen Design, LLC
``As you know I have said many times, building a custom home is a thrilling yet demanding process. Both Architect and Owner have the highest expectations as to the level of quality, cost and schedule. You clearly have the ability to handle the most challenging projects while maintaining the budget and schedule. Perhaps what separates you from many other home builders is your ability to see beyond the plans and really understand the Architect’s intentions and the Owner’s needs. I feel you are a strong team player always looking out for the good of the project. We have recommended you to many of our clients and will continue to do so in the future.``
- Treffle LaFleche, AIA, LEEP AP LDa Architects, LLP
``Marc is talented, experienced, level-headed, thoughtful, and absolutely even in his demeanor. He appeared equally at home and effective with us, subcontractors, architects, and everyone else involved. The house was completed ahead of schedule. We could not be more delighted with it. The quality of construction is impeccable. Our guests tend to comment as much on the quality of construction as they do on the design and colors and so on. This is obviously a glowing letter of recommendation. In a world of inappropriately overused superlatives, Marc is truly outstanding. I would build with him again in a nanosecond.``
- Dr. John L.